Organize That Brain!

I’m finding that there is a very erratic gap of time between my writings on here. One minute I can’t seem to get enough keystrokes to convey my thoughts, feelings, and views. Then, there is a long silence. Not for lack of ideas to share, or things that I am learning as I travel through life. But, I think it may be from a lack of quiet time.

Not that my life is chaos and loud every day, but it is filled with so many different facets that seem to pull me away more often than not. Quiet time doesn’t necessarily mean alone or in silence. Nor is it contained in a controlled environment that isolates me from the world around. No, on the contrary, quiet time is sitting down at the keyboard, with thoughts collectively in some semblance of order, and typing.

I think that getting the story straight in my brain to convey has been difficult because I find myself thinking of too many things at once. Like juggling 10 things at once, only in my head. Which makes me wonder (make that 11 things in my head!), am I really this disorganized?

It really comes down to focus, time-management, and patience. The ability to take one task, set the time and place, implement the task, and finish.

Sounds simple enough!


I tend to attempt the artful skill of multi-tasking, but with usual failure. My mother was the type to have several books started, not completely finishing any, but always eager to add another to the “started, but never finished” list! That sounds a lot like my thoughts…start a lot of ideas, but never see them to completion!

So it’s just a matter of getting organized, staying on task, and keeping the motivation towards finishing things.

Like this blog. Started over a month ago, just got back around to writing some more. This is a prime example of ‘starting, but not finishing’. Putting off until the thought/task/agenda comes back into view or my memory is jogged. Then I think “why didn’t I finish that?” Could the whole delay be a procrastination problem? Perhaps a memory issue?

Whatever might be the culprit, I know that it is a problem and that there needs to be a remedy. And whenever I come across addressing this issue, I find that solution-seeking seems to get pushed to the back of my mind and I am right where I started: Starting, but not finishing!

Perhaps someday, some way, I’ll get this matter tackled and be a proactive, finish-the-job-now kind of guy! It would certainly be so much easier!

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Harbor Lights Ministries

I was once a happy-go-lucky, naive, and simple lad, content within the confines of the world. God saw fit to shake me out of my tree and gave me a new life! Thank God for the Bible! Learning every day and preaching to myself on a regular basis! Podcast can be found anywhere under "Things I Preach To Myself About".

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