All About…(Sort of)

This is the point of self-reflection that I’m not very fond of.  The text area where you condense who you are into a cluster of words and formats.  For one, I’m of the school that life is so much more complicated than to allow a brief history text try to explain all that often times needs to be explained in grand detail.  I guess what I mean is that sometimes, a clear and solid background leads to a more clear and solid understanding.

History shows us that people who know history are considered ‘learned’.  Learning from history fills that background understanding so that we can better wade through life’s mire.

I can tell you all about the history of me, but, beyond the boredom and/or superfluous filler, you would find, more or less, yourselves.  Events that I have partaken in have shaped much of who I am.  Passions and regrets have come and gone.  The ones that got away and the ones we’ve kept, all run fairly parallel.  We’ve won some, we’ve lost some.

Life is so complex.  Each of us have served our destiny in a variety of ways, and from that cast we have been molded to be exactly like no other!  Thus, we have the north and the south, the east and the west, the good and the bad, the rich and the poor, the leaders and followers, and those who should be driving vehicles and those who should not!

My position is simple: I read the Bible, pray, point out the obvious, share from the water cooler, and hopefully re-ignite the passion of Biblical sense! Let’s not make our time in this life any more complicated than it already is! The Bible gives us our instructions. The Holy Spirit guides our understanding. God is in control of our steps. Together, we can get there from here with a little less anxiety and a lot more peace!

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