Do Not Shelve 2012!

Ah, yes....2012

So, 80 million T.V, radio, and news agencies are spending the last day of 2011 doing their “recap” of the year before heading into the new year. Great. So as not to scare you away, I will not be doing that! I think that we already know what happened. After all, you were there, right? I sure hope so, because if you weren’t, I don’t have a good explanation for you!!!

What I want to focus on is 2012. No, not the end-of-the-world predictions from the Mayan calendar. Everyone has already done that one to death! (Pun intended!).  The new year is coming and you might want to prepare yourself for what’s ahead.  The downward spiral of common sense continues in our present society.  This is evident by the fact that the majority of what you are seeing now in the “stupidity” department doesn’t have a plan to cease and desist!

If the future of our society scared you in 2011, hang on to something solid! 2012 is going to be a mess! I’m not trying to make some Nostradamus type of futuristic predictions. On the contrary, I’m simply pointing out the obvious continuing trends.  We’ve seen the decline of political common sense, the decimation of the english language by today’s youth, the degradation of social respect, and rampant violence unanswered!  I don’t need a crystal ball to know that these issues are still raging like a tsunami…blotting out the elements of a turn-around anytime soon!

So, is this where we just throw our hands up in the air and walk away shaking our heads?  Oh no! This is where we begin our stance! The easy road is to continue our giving in to social decay and allow the stupidity to be an accepted norm. But, I’m sure I don’t want to live with that!  I can only handle so many times a day, every day of every week, shaking my head in disbelief at the insanity that is allowed to be accepted!  I’m going to end up with a neck brace at that rate!

2012 promises many events.  Politics are going to be thrust into the spotlight at every turn, causing a greater level of nausea than ever before.  The continued social garbage will still be on our media boxes 24/7, absorbing us even deeper than before, so much so that we will forget there are other people in the same room with us.  News agencies will still build their agenda priorities on nonsensical trash like “famous” people without a shred of talent, glorifying them as ‘wonderful’ (can you say Kardashians?).  Narcissism as a disease will continue to spread deeper into the hearts of people, so much so that things like compassion and empathy will fade further and further away.

As our societies’ callous heart thickens more and more, along with the increasing desensitization to what some might deem pure evil, our realization of the decline of decency that is happening all around us fades. Sad.  But, we have a fix…Common Sense! We have clear vision…History! We are an intelligent enough species and are able to be taught, right? We just have to be willing, and I believe that many still are.  It’s just going to take all our strength and effort to avoid the delusions many are buying in to!  Time to quit pandering to those things that we know to be a plague.

So, how do we survive the new year?  Be observant.  Be strong.  Stand up against what you know to be wrong.  Do not compromise!  This is a time for renewal, for regeneration, and for redemption!  Shed the norms around us and begin the u-turn! You don’t have to be accepting of lunacy that you know is wrong! You don’t have to accept stupidity because everyone else is doing it! I raise the old question “if everyone else jumped off the bridge….?”  Common Sense, people!!  It’s there, pushed to the background, waiting to be set free!  So?  Set it free!  Let it run!  Use it!

My hope in the new year is to continue the push for Common Sense to re-emerge into society!  Stand firm against the destructive tide!

May you and yours have a blessed, happy, and common sense filled new year!


Cannon (for hire)!

Published by

Harbor Lights Ministries

I was once a happy-go-lucky, naive, and simple lad, content within the confines of the world. God saw fit to shake me out of my tree and gave me a new life! Thank God for the Bible! Learning every day and preaching to myself on a regular basis! Podcast can be found anywhere under "Things I Preach To Myself About".

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