Really? You just said that?

So many people throughout the world have been scouring the internet for news and information regarding the senseless mass murders that took place in Norway.  There are lots of news, photos, video.  Stories from survivors, relatives, political figures, famous, not-so-famous….everyone has an angle to this horrible event.  Everyone, including the extremists. Who are the extremists?  Is it the fanatical militants that thrive on hurting other who don’t follow their beliefs and standards?  Are they the terrors that exhibit a lack of sense?  Perhaps they are the narcissists who are compelled to thrust themselves into any and all happenings so they can see their name? 

I’m a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  I have mine and you have yours, and sometimes they are similar and sometimes they differ.  irregardless, they belong.  My worry is that some opinions are loaded. Loaded with sharp, stinging objects that hurt, maim, and/or destroy.  These types of opinions are flung far and wide without any regard as to what damage they cause.  Many of these opinions are likened to homemade explosives.  They are purposefully and with clear objective, made to inflict harm.  But, why?  Why would someone deliberately create an opinion bomb?  Simple answer is they have to.  The creators of these weapons are so hell-bent with malice and judgement, that they long for their extremist views to be a flood washing away the denizens of everywhereville. 

One of the recent articles that I read through regarding the devastation that occurred in such a beautiful county, was the thoughtless meanderings of a “commentator”.  This individual has a propensity of casting his name into every and all situations….whether for good or bad, doesn’t matter.  As I said earlier, I believe that every is entitled to opinion.  After all,  that’s why we have such extremist politics.  That’s why there exists extremist religions.  That’s even why television has become so extreme. It comes down to the old line ‘one man’s ceiling is another man’s floor’.  Fine.  Exist. But……

If you are going to make a remark, comment, or cast a thought out to the people who might be paying attention, be sure that what you say is defendable….not reprehensible!  Open your mouth and words come out. When that happens, it is likened to the bullet fired from a gun….you cannot take it back.  Sure, apologies up one-side and down another can follow, but the damage that happens will be a sustaining damage.  As a ‘commentator’ to events of the world, some (and I’m still not sure why) may look to your for that understanding that you may have.  Careful what you say. You are not immune to the potential backlash of those that don’t like your opinion.

So, why does there have to be such extremist view?  Some of these views exist only because the gentler words didn’t get enough of society in an uproar, so folks like Glenn Beck have to take it further.  Shock jocks have done this type of extremism for years and eventually people with sense get sick of it.  Well folks, we are waiting for that to happen here! 

I’m not just picking on Mr. Beck and his brazenly stupid comment that he made regarding the innocent children slaughtered mercilessly at a summer camp.  I’m picking on every news media, blogger, figurehead, and person of ‘fame’ that has a passion for opening up the mouth and spewing venom…..and for no purpose or value to society. None!

Television is filled. Radio is filled. Papers are filled. Magazines are filled.  Filled with the stuff of destruction. Not to build up and encourage. Not to support or share compassion.  Filled with the venom of the likes of Mr. Beck.  Where fact less rantings can be pushed into the faces of those who actually care.  When stupidity and ignorance can become common-place and trash-talk can be acceptable….even in the shadows of human tragedy, then it’s no wonder that common sense has left the building.   When the likes of lunatics are allowed to degrade humanity and spit on the potential of a decent society….well, then hope for good fades fast. 

I picked on Mr. Beck due to his most recent moronic comments.  I often cast my dismay with other extremists such as Whoopi Goldberg, whose tirades are the examples of lunacy.  It’s not that these folks, and the others like them, are so great in numbers….it’s that they are allowed grand platforms to cast these opinion bombs.  Why? Does it make the platform provider that much more money? Is that what this poison is about?  If it is….may I make a suggestion:  Get Out Of The Business!  Making money on the backs of murdered children is not welcomed!  Making money on inciting racial tensions is not welcomed! Making money fueling hatred is not welcome!

It wasn’t that long ago where a pat on the back, a warm smile, or even an endearing hug solved so many ailments….in the world.  Mr Beck….you really could use a hug.   Common Sense says.

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I was once a happy-go-lucky, naive, and simple lad, content within the confines of the world. God saw fit to shake me out of my tree and gave me a new life! Thank God for the Bible! Learning every day and preaching to myself on a regular basis! Podcast can be found anywhere under "Things I Preach To Myself About".

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